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How long does it take to move?
This depends on many factors, such as the time of year, weather conditions, size of your shipment, time required to load & unload, and distance of your shipment.
How much does a typical move cost?
On interstate shipment, you must pay the total charges as determined by actual weight of shipment. Charges for local shipment are generally calculated on an hourly basis. There may be a minimum number of hours
When should I call a moving company?
The earlier the better, although the actual van assignment may not be made until a few days before you move. It’s wise to give your moving company from four to six weeks’ notice if possible.
Can I move my house plants?
Hanks Moving Service LLC. Cannot accept responsibility for safely moving your plants because they may suffer from lack of water and light as well as probable temperature changes while in van.
Will my appliances need special attention?
Most refrigerators, washers, dryers and other electrical or mechanical appliances require special servicing to ensure safe transportation. Any moving parts such as motors on major appliances, washer drums, and iced makers should be securely fastened for shipment. Gas appliances need to be serviced and disconnected prior to your move. It’s owner’s responsibility to see that appliances are serviced for shipment before they are loaded on van.

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